We pride ourselves on using only quality materials with a range of woods for different budgets and styles. Taking the time to understand your environment and how you use that space allows us to recommend the best value product for you. We offer sustainable, durable products and don’t use any MDF.


Paulownia wood has a fine and knot-free grain. Although it’s a hardwood it is approx. a third lighter in weight when compared to other hardwoods which makes it an excellent choice for Tier on Tier or for wider openings.
The sustainable choice; a deep-rooted tree with a well-developed root system, it will yield one cubic meter of hardwood in 8 years, after which a new stem will shoot. A single plantation can therefore be harvested several times, providing a sustainable, renewable source of timber.
Available in all paint, stain, limewash and custom colour options. This range can be manufactured in every shape possible.


The Hybrawood range is high quality and durable; available with all slat sizes, styles, and rod options. This is a great value entry level option. The outer bones of the shutter (frame, rails, and stiles) are constructed from Paulownia hardwood, with ultra-durable aluminium core running through each of the slats. Built to last, these shutters are strong, and age well with time.
Available in all paint and custom colour options. No limewash or stain options available.


Basswood is our recommendation for areas of very high traffic or perhaps in commercial settings where the shutters will undergo a lot of manual handling. It comes with a straight design Clearview rod. Available in all paint and custom colour options and limited stain options. No limewash or stain options available.


Ashwood is a premium offering with a deep, textured grain; this looks like high quality wood. Available in all paint, stain and custom colour options. No limewash option available.

Aluminium Core PV

For those areas of the home where windows are in direct contact with water, these will stand up to moisture not warp over time. They are 100% waterproof, will not fade, warp or peel and the aluminium core PV running through the slat means they are highly durable. Limited colour options available.