Full Height

Choose between 4 slat sizes, 5 materials and 4 control rod options. These shutters can be supplied with or without a mid-rail. Mid rails provide added strength to tall panels and give enhanced flexibility with how to control light and privacy.


Café style leaves the top part of the window un-shuttered, using shutters only on the bottom part of the window. The panels often cover halfway up but they can be made to go up to any suitable position on the window. This style allows maximum light into the room yet provides privacy.

Tier on Tier

Two sets of shutter panels installed within the same frame, one set above the other. The top and bottom set open independently allowing the greatest flexibility with controlling light and privacy. The split between tiers is generally requested in line with the top of a horizontal glazing bar present on the window and is well suited to tall Victorian bay windows.


A solution for wider openings such as large French doors or bifold doors. The shutter panels are hung from the top and guided within an aluminium bottom track at floor level. Choose between Bi-folding or By-passing shutter panels.

Solid Shutters

We offer a Solid Shaker (flat solid insert) or a Solid Raised design. Best suited to a full height style, they are also available as café, tier on tier or tracked shutters. These shutters are from the Paulownia wood range. A combination style (with solid on bottom & slats on top) can be requested on Full Height shutters.

Special Shapes

Shaped windows can present a real challenge when it comes to choosing a window dressing, but we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of shaped shutters. Our Wood and Hybrawood ranges can provide all shape options whereas our Waterproof range offers shapes with straight sides only (no arches or circles).